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 ALBERTO LETAMENDI        Pintura / Escultura

"Duality" indicates the existence of two different phenomena or personalities in the same person or in the same situation. This is Alberto Letamendi's project "Loturak vs. Lokarriak "(Basque language) The sense that each one of us is both a being as a person as well as an evolving individual in the sense of becoming  is the focus of Letamendi's work; it is an invitation to reflect and analyze duality, present both individually and collectively in society.


The series is presented as a contrasting dialogue, inspired by the writings of authors Franz Kafka and George Orwell, whose works remains relevant today.

Kafka's novels contain characters who walk through a world of disquieting uncertainty, of fears and doubts, from which they never escape. In this project, the disturbed character is represented by AL, a simple individual, like many others. AL constantly looks in the mirror at the image of his Alter Ego, LA, and ponders his situation looking for answers that offer him a way out. In short, a solution to his doubts and fears.


These ideas are also reflected and inspired by George Orwell's 1984 dystopian fantasy - a totalitarian state in which Big Brother is the guardian of society and the supreme judge who sees everything and who is above society. The protagonist of the novel also contemplates his life and searches for meaning in a meaningless society. Letamendi's paintings address these existential questions and pose queries for the person and their place in society.

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