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 ALBERTO LETAMENDI        Pintura / Escultura


Born in Oridizia (Gipuzkoa) and resident in Tolosa. In his work, both in painting and sculpture, he uses various techniques although there is a preference for natural materials such as iron powder, stone, wood, and natural pigments. In his eclectic artistic production the common thread that we can find is on the one hand his great interest in cultural diversity; its manifestations, its histories, the richness it implies... but on the other hand, it also reflects the conflict and inequality generated by the hierarchical presence of the same. The consequences suffered by the environment and people, the moral condition of mankind, individuality, loneliness or group potentiality. He is currently developing the series "LOTURAK vs. LOKARRIAK" / "BEING/STANDING SUBJECT". Both the pictorial and sculptural part of this series is inspired by alienation, absurdity, loneliness or generational conflict.

© 2013 by Alberto Letamendi. All rights reserved.    Música: Pello Ramírez

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